Johan Jørgen Schwartz

Johan Jørgen Schwartz (1824, Drammen – 1898) was a Norwegian politician and businessperson.Schwartz started as a merchant in Drammen, expanding into shipping and sawmilling. He was also director of Norges Bank in Drammen, but went bankrupt in the economic crisis at the end of the 1870s.He sat in the Norwegian Parliament as part of the conservative wing. He was a supporter of railways, and was active in passing Randsfjordbanen, Drammenbanen, Jarlsbergbanen and Vossebanen.

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Johan Jørgen Schwartz er relatert til disse samlingene. Disse samlingene er ikke tilgjengelig i Marcus, men du kan finne mer informasjon i den gamle Manuskriptkatalogen (pdf).

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