W.L Whipple


Prince govenor of Provence of Aroomiah with his sons (right + left of him) and his pipe bearer, Meerza.

Mann, Gutt, Gruppeportrett, Barn og far, Folkedrakt, Vannpipe

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W.L Whipple

A Persian Colonel (Sirtib)

Meerza Ali Khan Sirtib. (Colonel) Aroomiah, Persia. Sept. 1875

Mann, Hatt, Uniform, Sabel

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W.L Whipple


The Hali ad t. or Heir apparent of Persia with the Sahib d' wan (standing) Govenor of Tabreez

Mann, Hatt, Uniform, Folkedrakt, Sabel

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W.L Whipple

[Photograph of the Prince govenor + three sons]

Photograph of the Prince govenor + three sons

Barn, Mann, Gutt, Barn og far, Prins

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W.L Whipple


The Persian Prince + sons. (Standing) with principal Mullahs + Sayid of Aroomiah composing part of his suit.

Mann, Skjegg, Gruppeportrett, Folkedrakt, Prins

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