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Fragment of a galley proof with handwritten corrections. The fragment shows text from Mugby Junction, a collection of short stories written by Charles Dickens and his collaborators: Charles Collins, Amelia B. Edwards, Andrew Halliday, and Hesba Stretton. The excerpt is from the short story written by Charles Collins titled “The Compensation House.”

Dette bildet er en del av utstillingen Digitizations of Dickens’s draft material, including drafts of literature and publicity material

Relatert til: A section of ubb-dickens-h-10. A Fragment of Galley Proof.

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  • The paper has been mounted in a box which opens, closes, and looks like a book. The paper itself has visible chain lines from when and how it was produced, as well as puncture marks in the top left corner. The paper has been folded, evident by two folding lines going straight across the paper. There appears to be text printed on the other side of the paper, which is obscured and not easily accessible due to the way the paper has been put in its box. The document shows visible pen marks from editing. The markings cross out single words or entire sections, sometimes suggesting words to replace what has been crossed out. Two colours of ink has been used: one blue and one brown. Technique: Galley print and handwriting/hand corrections. Bookbinder: Robert Rivière & Son

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