Ms 558 Norigis Riiges Laugbog 1

In this manuscript from the end of the 16th century we can see just how many amendments circulated with the Landslǫg throughout its lifetime, right from the time of King Magnus Lagabøte. Amendments that would have originally been written in Old Norse have been translated into Danish here, then we find many amendments given throughout the 16th century written out as well. It is typical in Norwegian law books that the amendments are written out as a list following the law code. Their headings are written in red ink (rubrics) so that can easily be found, and the pages are numbered separately from the rest of the law book, indicating that a new section has started. Across the top of each spread of pages, we find “rette” on the lefthand page and “Bodder” on the right hand page, so that the reader can easily understand which part of the book they are in.