Publisert: 1867

Signatur: ubb-dickens-g-box-1-02-c

Admission ticket number 231, granting entrance to the “Dinner given to Mr Charles Dickens on the occasion of His Departure for the United States” that took place in the Freemasons’ Hall in London on November 2nd, 1867. Issued by Charles Kent, the Honorary Secretary of the Dinner Committee. Includes the price: one guinea.

Dette dokumentet er knyttet til emnene Selskaper, Billett

Relatert til: Charles Dickens, The Charles Dickens Dinner: An Authentic Record of The Public Banquet given to Mr. Charles Dickens, at the Freemasons’ Hall, London, On SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 1867, prior to his departure for the United States. With a report of the speeches from special shorthand notes., The Charles Dickens Dinner: Invitation, Edward Robert Lytton Bulwer-Lytton

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