Dickens: Manuscripts 9

Charles Dickens

This consists of the text from the first edition, page 79, line 9, comprising 21 lines, with Dickens' signature at the end and the date "Twenty Fifth February 1848", written on two 8vo sheets of ...

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Charles Dickens

He writes of Stanfield's death not only as a national loss, but as a great personal loss of an intimate and life-long friend.

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Charles Dickens

Description and explanation of what a monthly household narrative is, its goals and publication date. It is an independent supplement of already published “Household Words”.

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Charles Dickens

The insert at the start of the book describes the book thus: “The letters are carefully preserved in a superb redd morocco binding with inside dentelle, gilt edge and Dickens’ signature in fac-simile on the ...

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Charles Dickens

Referring to the amateur performance of Ben Jonson's "Every Man in His Humour", Dickens asks Stanfield to be ready to play on Nov. 15th, as Prince Albert "has written to say that he dies to ...

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Charles Dickens

A letter from Charles Dickens to illustrator and friend Clarkson Stanfield, addressed to "My dear Stanny" on the 21st November 1845. The insert at the start of the book states that this and the final ...

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Charles Dickens

This letter mentions illustrations Stanfield made for "The Cricket on the Hearth" by Dickens, and that he will answer Albert Smith, without further details about Smith.

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Charles Dickens

A newspaper cutting scribbled with notes by Charles Dickens about the change in reading schedule and details surrounding the place, date and reading material. With what appears to be a stained ring of tea surrounding ...

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Charles Dickens; Charles Collins

Fragment of a galley proof with handwritten corrections. The fragment shows text from Mugby Junction, a collection of short stories written by Charles Dickens and his collaborators: Charles Collins, Amelia B. Edwards, Andrew Halliday, and ...

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