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Laget mellom 1969-01-01 og 1969-12-31

Signatur: ubb-haa-0330

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Drumming, singing, and dancing are important events connected with circumcision (Fur: “dogola kandi”, Arabic: “tahura”). Note the man dressed as a woman to the left of the drummers. He is a male relative of a boy to be circumcised. Also note the women with sticks and sometimes weapons ordinarily carried by men. A characteristic feature of circumcision rituals is that many participants are using cultural elements associated with the opposite gender.

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Dette bildet er knyttet til emnene Kvinne, Barn, Arkeologi, Colour Photography, Feltarbeid, Mann, Sosialantropologi, Gruppe, Forskning, Tromme, Landsby

Relatert til: Sudan-samlingen



Inneholder fotografier tatt av Randi og Gunnar Haaland i Darfur se mer

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