Lafon 13

Lafon Hill, a small rocky outcrop rising abruptly from the plain, is located at 5 02 North and 32 28 East, about 95 km north of Torit. The plain, with an elevation of 500 meters, stretches eastward from the Nile to the border of Ethiopia. Lafon Hill rises approximately 165 meters above the plain of true savannah and savannah forest, which varies between open grasslands, scattered acacia trees, forests and swamps. The plain is sodden during the rainy season from April to November, and parched at the height of the drought season.

During the rainy season, the Lafon area is cut off from neighbouring tribes due to extensive flooding. The nearest neighbours are the Irenge people at the Lapit range, about 22 km south towards Torit. Large swamps on the northern end of the plain stifle communication with inhabitants to the north. To the west live the Bari, and to the east the Toposa, but it takes days of walking to reach them.